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What is


Crowdmouth is a direct-to-fan platform empowering creators to engage, monetize and grow their audiences. Creators incentivize their fans to spread the word by offering unique rewards and discounts in the marketplace.

How does

it work?

  • Fans share links from a Creator’s profile page (through text, email, or social media)
  • Fans earn points when friends check out their links
  • Fans redeem those points for one-of-a-kind rewards from the Creator


  • 1

    The Ultimate Link in Bio

    Where fans can explore, shop, and share

  • 2


    Monetize the unique digital items your fans love

  • 3

    Fan Sharing

    Encourage your fans to share your content and earn rewards

  • 4

    Promote NFTs

    Create buzz about your next NFT drop

  • 5

    Own Your Fan Data

    All the data to better understand your audience

  • 6

    Fan Relationship Manager

    Organize and connect with your top fans

Your Fans
Your Data

Organize and activate your fanbase with useful data. Export lists and put the analytics to work. Communicate directly with your audience; on your time, and your terms.

Grow your

Let your fans do the talking! Your followers want to share your content, so why not give them the tools to do it? Build your “digital street team” and let them go to work for you.

Reward your

Create Rewards and offer Marketplace discounts right from your public profile. The more your fans share, the more they can earn.

See how other creators use crowdmouth:


Music Content Creator

For 30 points you can redeem a personalized video shoutout from ZEALE that you can keep forever and share with you friends… or even on your socials.

Iron Lamb Jewelry

Handmade Jewelry Maker

For 30 points earn a pair of ‘Holy Roller’ post earnings handmade by Michelle from Iron Lamb Jewelry. Click the below to get started.

Braison Cyrus

Recording Artist

Earn 50 points to get your personalized signed vinyl of Braison Cyrus’ latest full length album ‘Javelina.’ Click below to get started.

Get closer

to your fans

To get even closer to your fans, with analytics, CRM and 1 to 1 chat functionality, sign up to Crowdmouth Pro, venenatis sed cras ornare arcu dui vivamus. Vitae proin sagittis nisl mattis rhoncus urna.

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